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Honduras Hurricane Iota

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HOPE worldwide is actively working with our partners in Central America to provide immediate relief for those in need.


The powerful Category 4 Hurricane Eta made landfall on Nicaragua’s Atlantic Coast and then stormed into Honduras. Heavy rains have caused widespread flooding and mudslides in Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and Belize. HOPE worldwide’s Global Disaster Response team met with church partners and HOPEww leaders in Central American to discuss support for the community.


San Pedro Sula, Honduras was hit especially hard by Hurricane Eta. Hector Cruz, Lead Evangelist of the San Pedro Sula Church of Christ, reported that 28 households with 62 church members and their 168 extended family members sustained heavy damage to their homes. HOPE worldwide Honduras and the San Pedro Sula Church have distributed food and are providing shelter for several families in the church building and in the surrounding communities.


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